Release notes

The current version of focus booster is v2.2.0, released on 20 November 2015.

Dashboard report improvements

Analyzing your productivity has never been easier with our updated dashboard reporting, released April 2016! The exciting improvements include;

  • The ability to view your dashboard data in sessions or hours. (There is a reporting measurement setting in manage my preferences to set a default preference.)
  • The addition of new graphs and data, including a totals bar and a client revenue pie chart.
  • Improvements to current graphs and the calendar selector.

We hope you enjoy them!


We made some major changes to how focus booster can be used and also how our plans and pricing work. These changes will enable us to deliver more value to our users, in providing an app that really encourages people to use the pomodoro technique and grow productivity.

Mandatory log in

Like many other time tracking apps it is now manadatory for you to log in. We are essentially a cloud service, with the bonus of a desktop app, so as we offer new plaforms and services, log in is going to be important! It also gives us the ability to connect focus booster to other tools and products in the future, for those much requested integrations!

New free plan limits

Previously the focus booster free plan was limited to 3 days data retention, but now we will be limiting our new Starter plan (which is free) to 20 session per month. Which is great because now you will have access to all your historical data!

Creating an account

Please note because everyone using v2.2.0 will now have to sign in to use focus booster, you will need to create an account if you don't already have one.

Auto suggest labels

No need to look back through your timesheets to find out what you labelled the last session, these auto suggest labels are also filterable in the session report.

Create clients in the timer

New clients can now be created on the fly in the timer, no need to go to the client tab in the web app.

Turn clients and revenue off

A great new feature for those not using focus booster with an hourly rate.

Clients and labels are no longer mandatory

You can save sessions without assigning a client and/or a label for more flexibility.

New plans

We have introduced three plan levels. The Professional plan for those who do a lot of sessions or use clients and revenue. The Individual plan for those doing less than 200 sessions per month. The Starter plan for those learning the pomodoro technique, this is our free plan offering with 20 sessions per month.

Extended free trial

All new sign-ups will be receiving a free 30 day Professional Plan trial of focus booster so they can get to know the product and decide what level they need. If you would like to sign up for your free trial again you can do so by emailing your username. We will in turn delete your old account so you can have your free trial again!

Session timeouts

We've greatly improved the workflow that follows when your session times out. We capture this, give you the ability to log in again and repeat your last request.

General improvements

We have done quite a lot of general improvements and bug fixes from version 2.1 too.


This version of focus booster was released in August 2015.

New design

Completely new look and feel. Much cleaner, and more simple. We've moved to a circle progress indicator, and the mini timer overall is smaller.

Desktop themes

You can now choose between a light theme and a dark theme.

Main window toggle

Clicking on the timer display in the mini window, will toggle the main window to minimize/restore.

New client selection control

Greatly improved with the ability to filter and select by keyboard only.

Record partial sessions

When you hit the 'stop' button half way through a session, you'll now be prompted to save the time to HQ.


With the introduction of focus booster time tracking we had to rethink the desktop client. We needed something with a little more flexibility as we were moving away from being just a timer. As such, we have a completely new design, something fresh, clean and easy to use.

All version 1 timer features are in the desktop client timer. We are currently still in the process of adding all preferences into the web app timer. The biggest change is of course the additon of focus booster time tracking, which enables you to assign clients and labels to sessions, record them through automatic syncing to timesheets, manage client details, create reports and view great dashboards. It is a pomodoro time management system and we love it!

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