User case studies

focus booster is widely used by freelancers, consultants and employees and students.

focus booster is more than your average Pomodoro timer app. Pomodoro sessions tracked using focus booster generates insightful reports so you will always have a record of what you have worked on and when.

Here are some examples of users who found success with regular use of focus booster.

How a business analyst approaches anxiety-inducing tasks

"I'm a business analyst working on an agile software project.

I really struggle to focus when I have more than one urgent task screaming to be done.

Priorities are constantly changing. It's tough keeping up with the fast-paced delivery of agile project demands. I struggle to stay focused on one job and always feel panicked I'm not working on my most important task.

When I discovered the pomodoro technique and focus booster, I thought it would be a great technique to adopt.

I received an email from focus booster with the pomodoro planning resource. That day I had three critical items to attend to with no idea how to prioritise them, so I used the planning sheet to help me prioritise.

As soon as I read the tag line for today's priority, "What must you complete to feel a sense of accomplishment?" This was the turning point for me. It gave me a chance to view this urgency from my perspective.

Five business days ago, I received an email for an urgent data analysis request. But I still hadn't completed it... I tried numerous times!

Each morning I said, "today I will get this done", but I couldn't get to it with other emails and chats asking for my time. I knew I needed to get this report done to feel a sense of accomplishment.

As soon as I viewed this report as important to me and my sense of accomplishment, I felt an incredible wave of focus.

I set my focus booster timer to 25 minutes with a 10-minute break (this works best for me) and got to work. Four pomodoro sessions later, my data analysis was complete!

I could then attend to the remaining items on my list, feeling optimistic. Something I hadn't felt for quite a while!

Now, when I feel the crushing weight of my to-do list bearing down on me and panic sets in, I ask myself, "what must I complete to feel a sense of accomplishment?"

Asking this calms my mind and sets my focus so I can concentrate on that one task."

2020 forced a gym owner to build a successful online training platform

Michael is (or was) a full-time gym owner in Australia.

Gyms were labelled as an "unsafe environment" in the early days of the Covid pandemic, sparking fear in regular gym-goers.

Health and fitness bring stability both physically and mentally to many lives; no one wants to feel forced into boycotting their daily exercise routine.

While it would have been easy for Michael to accept defeat and close his doors indefinitely, he decided this would be a turning point in his career. He would take this drastic, forced change and turn it into the greatest thing that ever happened to him, his business and his members.

Michael took his workouts online, but he had never worked from home before. How was he going to seize this opportunity and optimise his time to scale his business? He jumped onto focus booster Monday morning to implement a plan to achieve something that was only ever a dream. 

"focus booster has helped me build a structured workday and has allowed me to see where all of my time goes.

As someone who has never worked from home and has only ever run a physical business, I never knew I would have this much time!

Additionally, I have never had the opportunity to be so available. Now, I can dedicate my time to doing everything I've always wanted to do, like taking my business online.

focus booster has allowed me to put more channelled energy into bettering my members and their fitness goals. I honestly don't know how I would have achieved this otherwise."

"In a five day timeframe, I":

  • "Made contact with each member to inform them of the changes that were happening to the gym."
  • "Onboarded my members into an online training platform to deliver at-home fitness programs."
  • "Used a video conferencing tool to arrange calls with members to talk about their goals."
  • "Implemented a scheduling service to host online workouts with members in their own homes."
  • "Developed my business goals for the next three months."
  • "Created a morning routine involving meditation, yoga, learning something new, setting a plan for my days and playing the guitar."
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