Product updates

All focus booster improvements, bug fixes and new features are posted here to help you stay in the loop and get a rundown on what's new and exciting at focus booster. 

So you can recognise the different update types:

  • 🚀 New feature 
  • ⭐️ Improvement
  • 🔧 Bug fixes

Updating your version of focus booster to the latest

When a new feature is released, a bug is fixed, or an improvement is made to the focus booster app, you will be prompted by a blue bar at the bottom of your screen with a 'Reload' button. Click 'Reload' to update focus booster to the latest version.

2021/05/20 - v0.3

🔧 Pomodoro sessions recorded in the legacy app and Mac or Windows desktop apps will now save to your time entries in focus booster NEXT. 

2021/04/20 - v0.2

⭐️ Your today screen is the hub for the sessions completed and your total pomodoro count for today. We have improved the today screen; now, you will be able to see the total sessions and total productive time these equate to. Learn more about your today screen here.

⭐️ Improvements have been made to how focus booster displays your pomodoro sessions and productive time these equate to. These are now displayed as pomodoro / total productive time (04/01:40). This improvement makes for tidy, more readable time entries.

2021/04/14 - v0.1

🚀 The Pomodoro technique recommends grouping small tasks into one 25-minute Pomodoro session like a brief phone call, craft an invoice or read an article. Now you can quickly adjust the length of your next pomodoro session right from the timer interface.

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