Does focus booster have a desktop app?

Here are the steps to install focus booster onto your device as an app:

Install focus booster on your desktop

  1. Open in a Chrome browser
  2. Click the 'desktop screen icon' (note that this icon may look different across devices) at the end of the URL
  3. Click 'Install'
  4. focus booster should now appear in your dock.

Prompt focus booster to open on start up

Now you have installed focus booster on your desktop.

To save yourself a few clicks by locating and opening up focus booster each morning, you can prompt your device to automatically open focus booster for you when you start up your computer each day. 


  1. Locate focus booster in the dock
  2. Right click on the focus booster logo
  3. Hover your mouse over 'Options'
  4. Click 'Open at login'


  1. Open File Explorer (or, Win+E from anywhere in Windows)
  2. Click the address bar at the top of the screen, delete its contents and type %appdata% then hit 'Enter'
  3. Locate and click through the following subfolders - Microsoft > Start Menu > Programs > Start-up
  4. Drag and drop the focus booster icon from your desktop into the "Start-up" folder. 

If you have any questions or issues about installing focus booster to your desktop, contact our team anytime. We will be happy to help! 

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