What is focus booster?

What is focus booster?

focus booster is a simple and easy to use pomodoro timer that tracks how much time you spend across tasks and your time and earnings per client. focus booster helps you stay focused on the task at hand, your client jobs' status, and avoid common distractions. Important for those who run after shiny objects.

Who can use focus booster?

focus booster is for anyone from students, to employees, to freelancers and consultants. 

If you want to improve the way you manage your time and understand what tasks, projects or clients cost you valuable time and money, then focus booster is for you. 

focus booster has empowered 240,000+ people worldwide to take control of their time, reduce distractions and finish their day on a win by using the pomodoro time tracking app to improve their focus on the task at hand and measure progress with our insightful reporting.

Compatible on all major operating systems

  • The web app is available on all major operating systems and mobile devices. 
  • Out of the box, focus booster requires no modifications and can be used by anyone with a device. 

Security is at the forefront of our minds

We take security seriously. For this reason, Stripe is used for processing all payments and billing information. You can find out more about Stripe‚Äôs security measures, but the basics are;

  • Certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. 
  • Forces the SSL certified HTTPS for all services.
  • Store and encrypt all card numbers.
  • Rapidly investigate all reported security issues.

Customer-friendly support

  • All support requests that are raised by focus booster users will be attended to by one of our support staff within one business day. 
  • Any support requests raised over weekends will be responded to on the following business day. 

No training or pomodoro technique knowledge required to get started

focus booster is user friendly and required minimal set-up to get started. So you can start off on your journey to becoming more productive instantly. 

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