Understanding the data in the weekly performance report

Each week, focus booster sends to your inbox a summary report of the highlights for your previous week's activities. 

Here is a break down of where this data comes from and how you can make the most of your weekly performance email reports. 

1. Pomodoros

Whether you're using focus booster's web or desktop app, you can confidently work knowing that every minute is recorded with the pomodoro timer.

Pomodoros measures your total pomodoro count for the week, including;

  • Complete sessions: Sessions that ran for the full length of the time set in your preferences, for example, 25-minutes.
  • Incomplete sessions: Interrupted sessions, for example, a pomodoro session manually stopped before the timer had finished.

You'll see a break down of how many complete and incomplete sessions were recorded too.

2. Productive time

Your productive time equates to the total number of minutes the timer has recorded for your pomodoro sessions.

Again, this includes both complete and incomplete pomodoro sessions. For example, x4 25-minute pomodoro sessions = 100-minutes of productive time (01:40).

If one pomodoro session was interrupted at 10-minutes (an incomplete pomodoro session), then x1 25-minute pomodoro session + x1 10-minute pomodoro session = 35-minutes of productive time (00:35).

3. Best day

The best day in your productivity report equates to the day of the week where the most number of pomodoro sessions were recorded.

Your 'best day' provides an understanding of a peak time when you were alert, focused and excited to work on a project involving problem-solving, decision-making, and complex thoughts.

As you receive these reports over time, you'll begin to understand your trends. For example, suppose Monday is often your most productive day. In that case, this is a good indicator that you should be scheduling your most important tasks (MIT's) on Monday's.

MIT's should leave you feeling as though you've made progress; it should be meaningful. Because when progress is made in meaningful work, you feel satisfied.

4. Comparison to the previous week

Over time more data will start to flow through in your weekly reports, showing a comparison of your previous week's work.

This section gives you a good indicator of how your weeks stack up against each other, productivity-wise, and if you're on track to reach your goals.

Here you'll see;

  • The total pomodoro sessions recorded last week
  • The productive time this equates to
  • Whether you were less or more productive this week, based on data.
  • Your best day last week

With regular use of focus booster, you can begin to understand if there is a trend with your best day of the week. 

If you have any questions about your weekly report or, would like to see some more data in your reports, contact our team and let us know!

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