Managing your timer preferences

Customise focus booster's pomodoro timer to work for you, by configuring your preferences.

To change any of the preferences on the focus booster timer all you need to do is visit the preferences area.

This is located under the 'more' icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

1. Session and break length

Session lengths can range from 1 - 120 minutes. To configure, click the 'session length' field, and select your timer length.

Break lengths range from 1 - 30 minutes and long break lengths range from 1 - 60 minutes.

The standard recommended session length is 25 minutes, the standard short break is 5 minutes and the long break is 20 minutes. Learn more about implementing the technique with our pomodoro guide.

2. Audio and alerts

Whether you prefer to work in silence or, find comfort in the continuous ticking of a timer, we've made it simple for you to toggle between these options.

  • To disable the timer sound and allow only a ring at the beginning and end of a session, leave the bar grey.

  • To enable the continuous ticking throughout the session (as well as the beginning and end), click on the bar and toggle this to blue.

  • The same can be achieved with your breaks as well.

3. Long break

It is recommended to take a long break of 20 minutes after your fourth session. But, for those tasks that require your attention for a little longer than usual, you can alter your long breaks to suit you.

  • Either enable or disable the long breaks as you would with the timer audio. 'blue' is enabled, 'grey' is disabled.

  • You have the ability to choose when the long break will occur, anywhere after 1 - 8 sessions, the same as you would when adjusting your timer length.

    if you need any help adjusting your timer preferences, contact our support team via the ‘Help’ icon located in your menu. We would be happy to help.
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