[Beta] Managing timer preferences

To change any of the preferences on the focus booster timer all you need to do is visit the preferences area. This is located under the menu icon in the top left corner of your timer screen.

1. Session and break length

Session lengths can range from 1 - 190 minutes. To configure, click the 'session length' field, and select your timer length.

Break lengths range from 1 - 30 minutes and long break lengths range from 1 - 60 minutes.

The standard recommended session length is 25 minutes, the standard short break is 5 minutes and the long break is 20 minutes. 

2. Audio and alerts

Whether you prefer to work in silence or, find comfort in the continuous ticking of a timer, we've made it simple for you to toggle between these options.

  • To disable the timer sound and allow only a ring at the beginning and end of a session, leave the bar grey.

3. Long break

Adjust the length of your long break by clicking the field under 'Long break length.' Underneath the 'Breaks' section you can select after how many session you would like the long break to occur, under the 'Long break after' field. 

4. Time and dates

This setting is related to your time entries. Here you can select which day of the week you would like your time entries to start

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