[BETA] Label Management

The label management screen lives under the menu icon located at the top left-hand corner of your focus booster screen. 

1. Editing labels

Editing labels in HQ takes about 10 clicks, we've made it much simpler in NEXT. Just head over to the label management screen, click on the text, edit the label and hit enter to save.

For now, this will only update future sessions completed with HQ. This will be improved when we migrate time entries to NEXT, which we are working on right now.

2. Creating a new label

You can still create a new label from the timer interface. 

But now, you can easily create a new label on the label management screen as well. Just click the '+' icon in the top right-hand corner, name your label and hit enter. 

3. Delete a label with zero sessions

Visit the label management screen and hit the bin icon alongside the label you want to delete.

4. Delete a label with one or more sessions

On the label management screen, hit the bin icon alongside the label you wish to delete and a pop-up will appear with the option to:

1. Merge these sessions to another existing label

2. Leave the field blank to remove the label

3. Or create a new label right from this pop-up

5. Disable labels 

Disable selected labels from the label management screen, so they aren't visible in your drop-down list on the timer interface. Just toggle the blue button to the right of a label to switch it off. This is great to avoid sifting through a long list of labels.

You might disable a label for a project that is on hold, a client that you aren't working with at the moment or a label that you are no longer using but would still like to see in historical reporting.

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