Reports and dashboards

Focus booster offers both visual progress and productivity through dashboards and session reports for data filtering and export.

The dashboard is a visual way to measure progress. The graphs you can see will be dependent on whether or not you are using clients and revenue (which are available on the professional plan).

There are a number of graphs and statistics to help you understand your productivity, time spent and revenue.

To set the timeframe for the dashboard use the slider at the top of the page. To move the markers; click, hold, drag and drop on the required date.

Weekday productivity
This graph will reveal your most productive day of the week. It is cumulative so, as an example, if you pick two weeks it will combine all the sessions you do on Mondays (and the other days of the week) and report the total in a bar graph.

This graph shows the revenue earned for each day within the date range. It is only available for those using clients with revenue enabled (Professional plan).

Client sessions
This stacked column graph shows the total number of sessions completed each day within the date range. Each client has their own colour on the graph so the number of sessions which were dedicated to each client that day are visible. Quickly visualise which clients or projects you are spending your time on each day. Again this is only available to those using the professional plan.

Client share
This pie chart shows which clients are dedicated the most time and is only available to those on the Professional plan.

All graphs have handy hover states to help you interpret your data.

Session reports
The session report provides all session data in a list format and is exportable to a CSV document (if you are on a paid plan), which can be formatted into an invoice or sent as a basic report of time spent.

To find the session report, open the 'report' tab in the focus booster web app, it automatically loads to the dashboard. In the secondary navigation at the top of the page click 'session report'.

The session report will provide client, label, duration, date and time completed and can be filtered by client, label and pre-defined or custom date ranges.

Use focus booster reporting to help you analyze your productivity and find areas to improve further. Over time you will also learn how many sessions you can complete in a day. This will help you with planning and managing expectations, both your own and those of clients, managers, teachers and team members.

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