Upgrading to a professional plan

Upgrading or subscribing to a professional plan? Yay! Let's step you through it.

Whether you are on a free trial or have been using our starter plan it is easy to subscribe to the professional plan. Here are the steps;

1. Log in to the focus booster web app.

2. Navigate to manage my subscription, which is in the drop-down menu when you click on the orange profile icon in the top right-hand corner.

3. Click the subscribe button on the professional plan on the right of the page.

4. Confirm your selection, then select your payment period and enter your payment details.

The benefits of the professional plan are many; you will have access to clients and revenue but you will also be able to record unlimited sessions. This will remove the need to manually keep timesheets, allow you to analyze your data and discover areas in which you can be even more productive.

For those of you who are using revenue and clients, you will be able to easily provide reports and invoices to clients using the data export. Likewise, anyone needing to report on where their time goes will be able to use the data export to create such reports for their managers or teams.

Enjoy your professional focus booster subscription!

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