Desktop timer versus the online timer versus the mobile timer

The online timer (in the web app), the mobile timer (iOS and Android) and the desktop timer (available for Windows and Mac) both time pomodoro sessions. They send all your session data back to the web app, they also have a few differences, which we will explore below.

Using the online timer removes the need to install any software on your computer, which is great if you use different machines regularly or don't have administration rights.

The desktop timer allows you to use a mini timer (that always sits on top) to keep you updated on progress, and there is no need to be in the browser all the time (we all know it is a place of distraction!).

The mobile apps are very portable and can move around with you, either just because you aren't always working in one place or also when you get up to take your breaks.

Importantly, though, no matter which timer you use, you will be in and out of the web app every day to view your timesheets and reports.

Have you made your choice? Now it is time to get started!

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